Every year growing up I looked forward to the summer reading list that was provided to us on the last day of school. I would read through the whole list from top to bottom as they were available at the library. I remember fondly laying under the big pine tree in my backyard with Muffet, my cat, and being transported to India or Narnia. The tree was the peak of a triangle the other two corners were the clothesline and the vegetable garden. I loved this because it meant that my mom was close by so I could always share with her what I was reading. By high school the lists became less important to me as other things became more important. Now as an adult I long for the carefree days of reading books under the pine tree.

This year instead of giving you a canned list off the internet I went through every book in the middle school library and have created a list of my old favorites and new favorites, I’ve even thrown in a few books I’d like to read. I certainly don’t expect you to read all 50 but why don’t you shoot for 10. Find your pine tree and have a great summer.

Summer Reading List