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Charles M. White Library SP WisOne of the things about growing up in a small town, and yes I consider Stevens Point, Wisconsin a small town, was you were never more than a bike ride away from the public library. I remember the ride in vivid detail, riding to the end of Heffron St, crossing Business 51, aka Church St , riding through the Shopko parking lot to get to Water St and taking that down town, a few more turns and I was there. The only time I minded was on those really hot days, the ones where you were exhausted by the time you got the end of the driveway. I didn’t have the option to go online and use Overdrive. What’s Overdrive you ask? Do you have a Kindle or iPad or the Kindle app on your phone or other mobile device? Great, then you can use Overdrive.

Overdrive is our eBook collection, you can access it by clicking this link. Once you are in Overdrive if you have questions check out the Help section, it really is informative. If you are having problems loading eBooks to your device check out the helpful videos at the end of the help section.

Oh, you are going on a long trip and get car sick, me too. Your public library also has Overdrive and they have audio books, problem solved! Wisconsin Digital Library You will need a public library card to use this site.