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With the 4th of July over my thoughts start drifting toward the start of school. We all know that school supplies will start filling the shelves at our local stores and students will soon get their registration information in the mail. As I get ready to start thinking about back to school I was thinking of all the tools I use to help me be a better teacher and a healthier person.  So here is my top 10 list:

  1. Morning Coffee–No not the one you drink it’s an add on to Firefox. With a click of a button I can open all the sites I access on a daily basis. I can even program each day, for instance, on Sunday I don’t have my bank come up because there would be no new information
  2. Facebook–I like to keep people up to date on what my dogs are doing.
  3. My-cast–remember? I use to want to be a meterologist
  4. MyFitnessPal–I have this as a short cut on my tool bar and as an app on my phone. I have tried many food trackers but this one is my favorite. I especially love the fact that I can scan the bar code on what I have eaten and it load the information for me.
  5. Evernote–This is a great tool to keep all your online articles and note in one place. The trap with Evernote is that if you don’t organize your stuff it’s like a virtual pile of papers on your desk. It can get very cluttered.
  6. Cozi– I mainly use the list feature I hate getting to the store and losing my list. This works great with families because you can assign To Do list to your kids.
  7. Fridge Pal– this is a new app that I just started to use. It helps you keep track of what’s in your fridge and when it will expire
  8. Scout is a navigation app
  9. Google-I would be lost without my gmail, and Google calendar
  10. WordPress– How could you see this wonderful blog with out it

I hope you get a chance to explore some of these tools and feel free to share with me some of your favorites.