The tradition in my family is the day after Thanksgiving we can start to play Christmas music. This weekend all the car radios were set to that one station in the cities that play Christmas music from now until Christmas, the Christmas play lists are started on the computer and new to our Christmas music tradition we find the Christmas play lists on Pandora and Spotify (there is a lot of debate going on in my family as to which one is better).

During my drive in to work today as a I was singing along with It’s a Holy, Jolly Christmas, I realized just how important music, all music, is to me.  I’ve always known that studying music improves academics, all you have to do is Google music and test scores and you get 52,000,000 hits to prove it.

Most of my favorite assignments that I teach deal with music. I recently had 5th grade create rap songs about the library. The amount of energy that was flowing in the lab as the writing process was happening was electrifying!   Because of time constraints they only had 2 class periods to write, rehearse and film their raps, no time for editing. I’ve included a couple, the rest are on the G drive, if you are lucky enough to have a student here.

Enjoy and may music and all its benefits always be a part of your life.